Revolutionary War Soldiers of Western [Burke County] North Carolina Volume 3


The contributions of the Revolutionary War soldiers of Western North Carolina during the conflict of 1775-1782 were immense. The rolling hills of the Carolina Piedmont were as much a battleground as those of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Kings Mountain, Ramsour’s Mill, Cowpens, the Indian Wars, and many other conflicts all helped to change the course of American history. Unfortunately, from a historical standpoint, very little written data is available concerning the contributions of the Western North Carolina Militiamen. Many of the western counties, though their soldiers contributed greatly to the war effort, are historically "silent". This work is an effort to unravel and to present in a systematic way something about their lives and exploits. The initial two volumes will be devoted to Burke County. Each soldier will be written up to his early life (as much as could be made available), his military experiences, his later life, including marriages, children, occupations, etc. Also included will be his land transactions and census locations. Where available, burial sites will be given as well as pension awards. The bulk of these 166 genealogies/sketches within this volume pertain to persons from Burke County, North Carolina. There are a few of these that cover persons from surrounding counties such as: Rowan, Lincoln, Rutherford and Surry counties.

Emmett R. White

2011, cloth, 394 pp.

ISBN: 9780893088064