History of Surry County, North Carolina


History of Surry County, North Carolina. J. G. Hollingsworth. Surry County was formed from Rowan county in 1771. At the time of its creation it was surrounded by Iredell, Rowan, Stokes, Wilkes counties, N.C. and to the North by Henry county, VA.  The time frame of this book concentrates on the Colonial & Revolutionary era, with such topics as frontier life, Indians, trade & transportation, labor, farming, politics, education, newspapers, and religion - all important in the development of the county. These types of HISTORY books can be very helpful in your research. They can help one develop ideas or pathways to those missing ancestors by showing the customs and traditions of local residents. This is very important in trying to figure out what significate factors were prevalent in the county, such as floods, droughts, matters of economic prosperity, matters of governmental intrusion or influence, or one of any number of things that might cause a person to stay or move on. The author has also included numerous lists: muster rolls of soldiers who served in the War of 1812, the detached Militia organization of 1814, petitioners in Surry County of 1840 Revolutionary or Military services, Pensions issued to Surry in 1833 for services in the War of 1812, Mexican War veterans, numerous Civil War Companies including commissioned & noncommissioned officers and privates, & Veterans of the Spanish-American War and WWI.

1935, (2001), cloth, 228 pp.

ISBN: 9780893087487