Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Court Minutes, 1774-1780, Book 1


Mecklenburg County was formed from Anson County, N.C. in 1762. It was a pathway of major migration from both Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey as the Scotch-Irish came to the area in huge numbers. Court minutes are considered some of the most important records on the county level. The reason researchers value court minutes so much is because they reflect many areas of activity in the county and the persons involved: estates being settled, persons assigned to jury duty or to work on the roads, lawsuits, wills, probated deeds recorded, apprentices indentured, orphans put under the care of the court, etc. Do not be surprised to find those surnames you have been searching for in other books on this county that you have had no luck with so far.

Doris F. Briscoe

(1966), 1997, index, cloth, 336 pp.

ISBN: 9780893085919