Abstracts from the Pickens Sentinel 1875-1915 [Pickens County, South Carolina]


Abstracts from the Pickens Sentinel 1875-1915.

Judy Ballard.  

Newspapers are a great source for genealogical research. Even more so for the state of South Carolina since it did not officially record Vital Records until the year 1911. So when a researcher is looking for a relative through a birth, a death or a marriage, newspaper abstracts are one of the few sources that the genealogist will have at their disposal.  This book consists of abstracts on all the marriages, births and deaths that were contained within this newspaper. This newspaper not only covered the county of Pickens but also surrounding counties. If you have relatives lost in the Northwestern portion of the State, this book could have that missing link.

2003, paper, 390 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

ISBN: 9780893087883