Families of Old Pendleton District, South Carolina Volume #3


This series of books covers the ENTIRE Old Pendleton District, S.C. which covers Abbeville, Anderson, Cherokee, Edgefield, Greenwood, Greenville, Laurens, Newberry, Pickens, Oconee, Saluda, Spartanburg and Union Counties. With many clues and details to family members who have moved on to other upstate counties or out of the state entirely.


Surnames of genealogies within this volume are: Edmondson, Edwards, Ellis, Elrod, Evatt, Farmer, Fennell, Fields, Finley, Fisher, Gantt, Garvin, Gary, Gibson, Gilstrap, Griffin, Grist, Hagood, Hamilton, Hendricks. But don’t let this mislead you, as these genealogies cover as many as 8 generations with allied families that cover several generations themselves. Of which additional families or individuals that you will find within are: Aiken, Alexander, Allgood, Archer, Ariail, Bagwell, Barr, Barton, Boggs, Bowen, Boyter, Breazeale, Bynum, Capehart, Carey, Carpenter, Chamblin, Chastain, Cheek, Clyde, Cobb, Collins, Craig, Crane, Crenshaw, Curtis, Davis, Day, Dillard, Duke, Duncan, Durham, Ellison, Feagon, Ferguson, Folger, Fossett, Freeman, Fricks, Galloway, Granger, Grant, Gravely, Hallum, Hammett, Harbin, Hawthorne, Hester, Hill, Higgins, Holcombe, Holder, Hood, Hughes, Hughey, Hunt, Hunter, Johnson, Jones, Julian, Kennemore, Lanier, Lathem, Lay, Lesley, Lewis, Looper, Mann, Martin, Massingale, Mauldin, McCall, McCann, McCollum, McCravy, McKinney, McMahan, Miller, Murphey, Nix, Parker, Parsons, Paxton, Porter, Powers, Pinson, Pressley, Prince, Rampey, Reece, Reeves, Robinson, Roper, Rowland, Rumler, Russell, Simmons, Singleton, Skelton, Smith, Southerland, Stewart, Thompson, Tompkins, Trotter, Watson, Whitfield, Whitmire, Williams, Willimon, Wilson, Whitten, & Wyatt. The full name index for this volumes has over 115,000 entries.

Linda Cheek