Local and Family History in South Carolina: A Bibliography


This is the first place a researcher interested in South Carolina should check. It lists an enormous number of sources of printed (and some manuscript) information which are useful for studying S.C. families, churches, and local history. Eighty-three libraries throughout the state have provided lists of their books and pamphlets on local, church, and family history. The result is a bibliography which contains nearly eight times the number of sources as Dr. J. Harold Easterby’s standard "Guide to the Study and Reading of South Carolina History."

This bibliography contains more than 8,000 entries, and goes far beyond any previous work. The family, church, as local historian who does not consult this book is likely to duplicate research already done and published, as well as overlook many publications that would aid him in his work.  Cote drew heavily on the collections of South Carolina Historical Society, the South Carolinian Library at the Univ. of S.C., and on numerous county, college, university, historical society and research libraries for his material. Some 1,900 sources for the study of towns, counties, and institutions are provided; an equal number of published genealogies, and an equal number of sources for S.C. church history records, along with thousands of sources on other subjects relating to the state. Locations of scarce items are cited.

Richard Cote