Annals of Newberry, South Carolina (2 parts in 1)


The first part is a detailed history of the town and the district from its first settlement to the early 1800’s. During this time, O’Neall recounts many interesting facts and stories about the people and places of Newberry. The second part starts off with a section on some accounts of the most prominent families who migrated from this district to Ohio, and then goes into a biography of the O’Neall family. Chapman then sets off to fill in the omissions and also to carry on where O’Neall left off, namely the 1862 secession from the Union. The rolls of all companies associated with Newberry during the War between the States and the War with Mexico are listed. Most importantly are the genealogies or biographical sketches of some 90 pioneer families/persons of the area including among others: Abrams, Aull, Barre, Bauskett, Baxter, Bedenbaugh, Berly, Blackburn, Blease, Boland, Bond, Boozer, Bowers, Brown, Caldwell, Carwile, Chapman, Counts, Cromer, Crosson, Davis, Dominick, Dugan, Fair, Feagle, Folk, Frean, Gallagher, Garlington, Gary, Glenn, Goggans, Graham, Gregg, Greneeker, Harmon, Harrington, Hawkins, Hentz, Herbert, Herndon, Higgins, Houseal, Hunt, Hunter, Hurd, Kibler, Kinard, Lester, Lipscomb, Maffett, Martin, McCalla, McMorries, Montgomery, Monts, Moore, Mosley, Nance, Packer, Page, Pratt, Ramage, Reid, Renwick, Richey, Riser, Rutherford, Schumpert, Shealys, Simkins, Spence, Suber, Todd, Turner, Wadlington, Welch, Werts, Wheeler, Williams, Wise, and Young. The NEW INDEX that was produced for this reprint contains the names of approximately 9,000 names.

John B. O’Neall & John A. Chapman

1892, (2018), cloth, 859 pp.

ISBN: 9780893086343