History of Greenville County, South Carolina


History of Greenville County, South Carolina.

James Richardson

The narrative history of Greenville County is an excellent companion volume to Landrum’s History of Spartanburg County, SC and Chapman’s History of Edgefield County, SC, both neighboring counties of Greenville with much overlapping on both history and families.  This history not only completes the history of this midsection of Upper South Carolina but in addition provides th reader in many instances with detailed histories of over 167 of the early prominent families.  These family sketches will help the “new comer” to the area to better understand the sometime complexities of family relationships brought about by the many intermarriages of these pioneer families.  The book is profusely illustrated with photographs of many of the biographies.  The NEW INDEX that was produced for this reprint contains the names of approximately 3,000 individuals.

1930, (2015), paper, 342 pp.

ISBN: 9780893085049