Early History and Genealogy Digest of Bedford County, Tennessee


Once in a while, someone comes up with a genealogical reference book that seems to fill in all those loose blanks. This book by the Marsh’s is just one of those books. It is a unique publication that contains an Early History and a Genealogical Reference section (approx. 250 pages) for the researcher. The material contained in this volume has never been available to the general public in a printed format. This book is a potpourri of unpublished records including archival and court records; Deeds, Wills, Cemeteries and locator maps, Plats and maps were drawn and researched by the authors both county and North Carolina; War of 1812 soldiers; 1812 & 1836 Tax lists; Biographical Sketches; lists of First Explorers of Middle Tennessee; Revolutionary soldiers and an actual directory of Bedford and Marshall counties settlers. It also contains much research on Shelbyville town lot owners and first settlers, along with many Marsh Collection Documents that are Not found elsewhere.

Helen Marsh and Tim Marsh

2004, cloth, 425 pp.

ISBN: 9780893087029