A History of Hickman County, Tennessee


A History of Hickman County, Tennessee. 

Jerome and David Spence.

This book is a narrative (family and otherwise) taken from the inhabitants living at the time of publication. The time period generally covers just prior to the Revolutionary War and continues up to about 1899. The people who settled came from Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia primarily, a few from Maryland with a smattering from overseas and New England. Land records are remarkable in that neighbors are listed and location of property with explanations as to location. Births and deaths plus places of burial are recorded; complete families are given, in many instances several generations, many include place of birth of eldest, marriages including place are included. Some of the prominent names are Petty, Epperson, Sheegog, Robertson, Easley, Jones, Bates, Cotham, many Creek Indians are named as well as slaves and freed slaves.

1900, (2015), paper, 532 pp.

ISBN: 0893082422