Lincoln County, Tennessee Unpublished Court Records 1809-1840

Lincoln County, Tennessee Unpublished Court Records 1809-1840. 

Helen and Timothy Marsh 

These records are a potpourri of early miscellaneous loose court records which have never been published nor microfilmed by the State of Tennessee. These records contain: Guardianship reports and settlements, first land deeds called "The Clerks List", which lists many of the early Grantees and Grantors not recorded in the regular deed index. Also included are early Tax lists before 1830 giving the names of taxable, acreage of deeded and Granted land plus location of same. These miscellaneous records cover the time period of 1809 to about 1840. For the person with lost ancestors in Lincoln county, these records may provide the answer to long sought after forbears.

1993, paper, 263 pp.

ISBN: 0893084921