Seventeenth Century of Isle of Wight County, Virginia


This book being the standard history of Isle of Wight County begins with a brief chapter on the native inhabitants and moves quickly to describe early white settlers, including the Cavaliers and the Quakers. Edward Bennett, "Elder of the Ancient Church and merchant of London", was among the earliest settlers; he received a patent for land in Virginia in 1621 "conditioned on the settling of 200 immigrants. Contains about 60 pages of genealogical sketches. Many of the early families came from the southwest of England while others were from London and its surrounding counties. An additional 50 or so pages are given to the history of the Bennett and Boddie families of Virginia and the Carolinas. The court records cover the Isle of Wight Book A (apparently a collection of various records although it appears to be mostly wills); Will and Deeds Book I, 1662-1686; Deed Book I, 1688-1704; Land Grant spanning 1628 to 1705; Quit Rent, 1704; and a roster of county officers for Isle of Wight and surrounding counties. The index covers names and subjects.


John B. Boddie


1938, (2018), cloth,  778 pp.

ISBN: 9780893084981