The Vestry Book of Stratton Major Parish, King and Queen County, Virginia 1729-1783


King and Queen County was created in 1691 from New Kent County, Virginia. In turn, King and Queen County is the parent county in part and/or in whole to: Caroline, King William, and Spotsylvania. King and Queen County has suffered 2 major fires which have destroyed most of its records. With this said, any book covering this BURNED county should be considered must.   In preparing this book the author expended great care in following the original book in every eccentricity of spelling and abbreviation and in all mistakes. The VESTRY BOOK itself contains the names of approximately 3,500 individuals either as Vestry members or as those who had been appointed to procession land of property owners; apprentice young people to other in the parish for training in crafts or livelihoods; binding out young slaves for training; clothing and feeding and general care and welfare of the poor in their midst. 

C. G. Chamberlayne

1931, (2010), paper, 262 pp.

ISBN: 9780893087937