Lynchburg and Its Neighbors


Lynchburg and Its Neighbors

Rosa F. Yancey

The city of Lynchburg sits within Campbell County and was created in 1786 but not incorporated until 1805. This book is not too different from other county history books of this era. With such topics as trade and transportation, labor, churches, politics, slavery and Civil War - all important in the development of the county - are carefully discussed. This type of county history book can help one develop ideas or paths to those missing ancestors by showing the customs and traditions of the local residents. A particular useful feature of this book are the 200 plus pages of extensive biographical sketches for: Adams (2), Addison, Ambler, Anthony, Armistead, Aunspaugh, Barksdale, Bass, Beale-Hite, Beale-Gatewood, Bias, Bell, Bigbie, Bowman, Bragassa, Bransford, Breckenridge, Brown (2), Burks, Burton, Busey, Cabiness, Calhoun, Camm, Carroll, Carson, Caskie, Clark, Coleman, Collins, Craighill, Dabney. Davis, Dillard, Dirom, Evans, Edmunds, Faulkner, Fisher, Fleet, Fleming, Franklin (2), Featherstone, Floyd, Ford, Forsberg, Fouard, Gannaway, Garland, Gilliam (2), Gimer, Glass, Gooch, Gordon, Gregory (2), Guggenheimer, Hall, Halsey, Hamner, Hancock, Handy, Harrison, Holcombe, Horsley, Hutter, Isbell, Ivey, Jefferson, Jennings, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kean, Ket, Kinnier, Kirkpatrick, Kyle (2), Langhorne, Lee (2), Lucado, McDowell, McKinney, McLaughlin, McNamara, Macon (2), Manson, Massie, Miller (2), Mitchell, Montague, Montgomery, Moore, Moorman, Morgan (2), Morris, Morrison, Murrell, Nelson, Nowlin, Otey, Owen, Page (2), Paxton, Payne (2)Peak, Pendleton, Phelps, Percy, Perrow (2), Peters, Pettyjohn, Priddy, Radford, Rockenbach, Rodes, Ryland, Sale, Saunders (2), Schewel, Scott, Shaner, Shumate, Silverthorn, Slatter, Slaughter, Smith, Spencer, Stabler, Statham, Steptoe, Stokes, Stratton, Strode, Strother, Suhling, Taylor, Terrell, Thornhill, Thurman, Tilden, Tucker (2), Tunsstall, Tuner, Valentine, Victor, Voorheis, Waller, Walpole, Walsh (2), Watts, Williams, Wilson, Winfree, Wingfield, Wingfield-Leftwich, Wooling, Wray, Wyatt, Wysor, Yoder, and Yancey (2).

1935, (2021), paper, 522 pp.

ISBN: 9781639140077