Marriage and Deaths from Richmond, Virginia Newspapers 1780-1820


Since Richmond was the state capital and a center of commerce for a wide area, the marriage and death notices abstracted here frequently refer to persons in other states, and other areas of Virginia. Many of the notices are from the "burned counties" of Virginia. Some of the notices included were news items rather than obituaries or social notes. Many were obviously copied from out-of-town papers of unknown dates and a number of these were apparently included for their humor content or strangeness.  The notices of deaths are in alphabetical order, followed by the marriage notices in alphabetical order by groom. There is a separate index of brides. The newspaper name has been indicated by initials, the key to which is in the introduction.

The Virginia Genealogical Society 

1983, (1987), cloth, 286 pp.

ISBN: 9780893086190