History of Henry County, Virginia


History of Henry County, Virginia.

Judith A.Hill.

Henry County was formed in 1776 from Pittsylvania County. This book contains considerable amounts of data about the early colonial times, Civil War, schools, churches, communities, etc.. with biographical sketches of its most prominent citizens and genealogical histories of half a hundred of its oldest families. Also, abstracts of Henry County Legislative Petition from 1779 to 1857 are given along with marriages from 1776-1800.  The major portion of this book that is devoted to these biographies or family histories include such surnames as: Aaron, Allen, Anderson (3), Baker, Bailey (2), Barrow, Bassett, Brown (3), Bouldin, Booker, Bryant, Cahill, Callaway, Clanton, Clark, Craighead, Dandridge, Davis, Deschazo, Dillard (3), Dillion-Campbell-Hodges, Drewry, Dupuy, Dyer, Eggleton, Estes, Finney, Fontaine, Ford, Frye, Gravely, Gribbs (2), Hamilet, Hamilton (2), Hairston (2), Henry, Hill (2), Jones (4), Kearfoot, King (3), Koger, Lavinder, Matthews (3), Marshall, Martin, Mitchell, Morris (2), Mullins, Nance, Napier, Pannill, Pendelton, Penn (2), Price, Prillaman, Purcell, Rangeley, Reamey (2), Redd, Reed, Richardson, Rowland, Salmon, Schoolfield, Sheffield, Shelton, Smith (2), Spencer, Stanley, Starling, Stovall, Stultz (2), Taylor, Thomas, Townes, Traylor (3), Turner, Waller (2), Wells, Weems, Woods, Wooten, and Wray.

1925, (1995), cloth, 332 pp.

ISBN: 9780893086169