Both Sides of the Ocean


The history of the migrations of many Amish families in this book precedes the information in Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies (#2). Many of the same families are featured, but their ancestors are included for several generations before their arrival in America. The author gathered the data from the U.S. census records; civil records in Switzerland, France, and Germany; and cemetery records in Europe and U.S. He also accessed published lists of Anabaptists, ship lists, lists of people exiled to other countries, etc. Some family names include Beachy, Beiler, Brenneman, Berkey, Detweiler, Erb, Esch, Eyer, Fisher, Gerber, Gnage, Guth, Hershberger, Hertzler, Holly, Hostetler, Kurtz, Lehman, Livengood, Mast, Miller, Nafziger, Rickenbach, Rupp, Schmucker, Sieber, Speicher, Stutzman, Troyer, Tschantz, and Zook.

J. Virgil Miller

2002, paper, index, 352 pp.

ISBN: 9781930353459