Agricultural and Federal Census Schedules, 1850-1880: West Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


Detailed statistics on life between 1850 and 1880 cover how many "milch" cows, working oxen, bushels of wheat and Indian corn, pounds of tobacco, bales of ginned cotton, value of orchard products, pounds of butter and beeswax, gallons of wine, dozens of eggs, total farm acreage, dollar value of farm livestock, wages. Names, ages, and occupations are listed for residents. Sampling of surnames: Bair/Bare/Bear, Bender, Bitzer, Bomberger, Brown, Brubaker, Buch/Bucher, Burkholder, Carpenter, Danner, Evans, Forrey, Gamber, Garber, Good, Graybill, Groff, Holl, Hoover, Hunchberger, Kafroth, Kemper, Kendig, Lauber, Lefevre, Martin, Moyer, Mumma, Nolt, Reiff, Royer, Rupp, Sheaffer, Shirk, Stauffer, Stoner, Weaver, Wenger, Zook.

James E. Frey

2003, paper, 175 pp.

ISBN: 9781930353909