Map Guide to German Parish Registers, Vol. 23: Bavaria X, Gazetteer and Index to Volumes 13-22


This volume is an index to all the towns found in Bavaria I-IX, as well as those listed in the Pfalz section of the German Map Guide Volume 13. The book gives the name of the town, and the Bavarian province in which the town is found, as well as the book and page number(s) where data on that town can be located. This is the twenty-third of a series of volumes, covering all of Germany. The production of the series is still ongoing. Note that Bavaria is covered in its entirety in nine volumes, plus this index that also covers the Pfalz, found in Rhineland III, Volume 13. Even the smallest places are listed in this index and series – some with as little population as one person! These places are as of about 1870. If the place existed prior to that date, it will most likely be listed. If the place was named after that date, the chances drop. Researched and compiled from the text and footnotes of many old gazetteers and maps, this volume is the most complete Bavarian gazetteer ever compiled, and can act as a stand-alone gazetteer of Bavaria, with or without the rest of the German Map Guide series.

Kevan Hansen

2008, paper, 256 pp.

ISBN: 9781933194356