Deciphering Gothic Records, Useful Hints Of Helping You Read "Old German" Script!


Deciphering Gothic Records – Useful Hints Of Helping You Read “Old German” Script!

Fay S. Deardon

This booklet was created to give the researcher the most common alphabet variations, German words, names, Latin terms, and abbreviations used in Gothic records. The volume is printed in its entirety on card stock, with easy-to flip spiral binding at the top. It’s ideal for use when deciphering German Gothic script when working in the library or at home.

The following items are found in the booklet:

  • Gothic Alphabet Variations
  • Symbols Commonly Used in Gothic Records
  • Words found in Birth Records
  • Words Found in Marriage Records
  • Words Found in Death Records
  • Abbreviations (Gothic & Latin) Commonly Found in Old German Records
  • Latin Terms Found in Old German Records
  • Illnesses Found in Old German Death Records
  • Titles & Occupations Found in Old German Records
  • Common German Names

1996, 4.25x9; Spiral Bound; 13 pp.

ISBN: 9781933194868