Map Guide to German Parish Registers, Volume 56: Free City of Hamburg


This volume is made up of the Free City of Hamburg, which includes 184 historic stadtteile, or city sections, in Hamburg. Information on the nearby port city of Cuxhaven is also included. Written in English by Kevan Hansen, this volume was principally written to help family historians resolve where their family may have gone to church – and left vital records behind that may be seen today. This is the fifty-sixth of a series covering all of Germany. These places are as of about 1870 to 1900. If the place existed prior to that date, it will most likely be listed. If the place was named well after after those dates, the chances drop. The Free City of Hamburg Map Guide is different than the others, in that totally different techniques are needed to locate in which church your ancestors may have worshipped when doing "big city" research.

The final volumes of the Map Guide to German Parish Registers series (Vol. 56 on) all deal with the large and free cities of the German Empire. The "cities" books will be published as time permits in 2016 and 2017.

The following is from the Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Historical Background of the Free City of Hamburg
  • Historical Background of the city of Cuxhaven
  • Rulers of the Free City of Hamburg
  • Overview Map of the Free City of Hamburg
  • Free City of Hamburg Civil Registration
  • Map and Key to Modern Civil Districts
  • Helps in determining proximity of one area to another.
  • Hamburg Early to Modern District Keys
  • Where to Write for Civil Registration Records
  • Map and Key to Modern Stadtteile (City Sections)
  • Finding the Modern District from the Stadtteil
  • 1900 Hamburg Civil District Street Guide
  • Hamburg Parish Registers
  • Lutheran Parishes
  • Minority Religions
  • Hamburg Lutheran Parish Key & Map - 1900
  • Cuxhaven Lutheran Parish Key and Map - 1900
  • Parish Street Index - By Street
  • Parish Street Index - By Church (Reverse Index)
  • Other Genealogical Resources

Kevan Hansen 

2016, paper, 186 pp.

ISBN: 9781628590852