Map Guide to German Parish Registers, Volume 65: Cities of Danzig and Königsberg


This book, Map Guide to German Parish Registers: Cities of Danzig and Königsberg, is part of a series compiled to make accessing German records easier. Its purpose is to aid in identifying what church records to search if a specific town is known. If only a general area is known, perhaps from a passenger list or naturalization record, this resource can also aid in identifying which church parishes can be found in that locality and facilitate accessing those records. Lastly, this resource can empower the researcher when confronted with the necessity of a radius search. Previously such searches required spending extensive time with a gazetteer and map, when available, in order to identify possible surrounding parishes. Earlier volumes relied largely on maps of the individual parishes. Although several maps are included in this book, the main focus is more localized to identify, to the street, the parish your ancestor may have attended. By referring to the included microfilm numbers for the Family History Library it can quickly be determined if records are available to search locally or if correspondence is required.

Kevan M. Hansen

2021, paper, 185 pp.

ISBN: 9781628593327