Simple Citations for Genealogical Sources



Researching your family history is a fascinating hobby. It often connects you to numerous previously unknown family members and brings history to life! While it is now easier than ever to construct a genealogy, there is one obstacle that can render your research meaningless – the lack of verifiable documentation to support your family tree. Thoroughly documenting your research by always citing your sources is essential and is the gold standard by which your work will be viewed. The intent of Simple Citations is to make that process easy.

Simple Citations:

  • Makes citing sources painless,
  • Requires minimal me and effort,
  • Standardizes the citation on process,
  • Eliminates decision-making associated with documentation practices &
  • Allows family historians to devote more me to research!

Jeffry P. La Marca, Ph.D.

2024, paper, 161 pp. – 72 in color

ISBN: 9781628593594