The Census Book: Facts, Schedules and Worksheets for the U.S. Federal Censuses [paper]

Following a 20-year hiatus, William Dollarhide has again written the definitive guide to the United States Census. Written specifically for genealogists and family historians, this book details all the census schedules for 1790 through 1950. This all-new volume covers a lot of new ground that the earlier volume could not do. Read on for details.

Section 1 – Census Facts, Historical U.S. Censuses. This section includes many historical facts dealing with the United States Census. See the Table of Contents (below) to get a full overview of the section.


Section 2 – Population Schedules. Includes links to 630 websites, providing instant access to over 600 million indexed census records/names online. A table for each census year includes the starting FHL film roll number for each state’s population schedules, providing links to 580 FHL catalog webpages. It is the searchable roll number that gives a researcher quick access to the digital images of any census year, state, county, or town. Census substitutes have been added where available; U.S. maps of each census year are included; 1885; 1940 and 1950 census chapters are included in this edition.


Section 3 – Non-Population Schedules. This section identifies all non-population categories, with all-new statewide tables, Alabama to Wyoming, to 1935. URL links to 560 online databases. The location of the original Non-Population schedules is given, and the locations of microfilm copies features many direct links to a Family History Library online catalog webpage, in particular, those with digital images available.


Section 4 – Census Samples & Worksheets. The Census Book has 57 Samples and 42 Worksheets, including an 1890 Short Form; the 1940 Census; and the 1820, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1885 Manufactures Schedules.


William Dollarhide


 2019, paper, 245 pp.

ISBN: 9781628592658