American Migration Routes: Part II - Stagecoach, Steamboat, Canal & Early Railroad Routes


The Great Roads of 1840. Motivated by the need for clear, readable maps, this new American Migration Routes: Part II features descriptions of the same travel routes as Henry S. Tanner’s 1840 American Traveller; but adds all new maps for each of the forty-five travel hub cities from the 1840 guidebook.

Modern Highway Maps. The trace of an 1840 travel route is emphasized on a current road map. The base map used was the USGS National Map, an interactive mapping system online where incremental levels of detail are possible.

County Boundary Maps. The trace of an 1840 route also appears on an adjoining map showing the current county boundaries for the same area. The source for the county maps was the USGS Base Map of the U.S. 2A East, which is available online as a free PDF download.

Google Maps Links. Modern driving directions for each historic route are provided and hyperlinked to a preset Google Maps road trip.

Find the Right County – Discover the Records. A chronological list of birthplaces (by state) for a family found in census records may point to a particular migration route the family followed. A detailed map is needed next to reveal the names of states, counties, towns, and cities to search for evidence of people living there in the past.

Repeat the Journey. This book shows the towns & way-stops for 314 travel routes available in 1840 and the exact roads needed to repeat a journey today.

Sourced from The American Traveller. The primary resources for this new book were specific travel routes methodically described and mapped in The American Traveller; or Guide Through the United States, by Henry S. Tanner, 6th Edition, publ. Philadelphia, 1840.

“What a wonderful tool this guide will be! Three decades ago, the Dollarhide-Thorndale Census Maps revolutionized standards for the use of census records. Today, your American Migration Routes will set a new set of expectations for contextual research to ensure reliability in tracking ancestors and telling their stories. - Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA, Editor, National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 1987-2002


William Dollarhide

2022, paper, 157 pp., nearly Full Color

ISBN: 9781628593372