Hanover Place Name Indexes


Identifying Place Names Using Alphabetical And Reverse Alphabetical Indexes

Indexing over 8,250 Hanover place names

The Reverse Alphabetical Index allows the researcher to determine the name of a town when the first part of the name (whether one or more letters) is missing. This is a common problem caused by torn or moldy pages, ink-blots, tight bindings, poor microfilm quality, etc. By using this index, the researcher can also determine the official spelling for towns when variant spellings occur in old records. The book includes a regular alphabetical index of all the towns in the province as well as regular and reverse alphabetical listings of over 8,250 names of German kingdoms, duchies, principalities, counties, rivers, mountain ranges, and other geopolitical and topographical entities.


Roger P. Minert


2002, (2015), paper, 126 pp.

ISBN: 9781628590531