German Immigrants in American Church Records, Volume 35: Louisville, Kentucky Protestant II


Dr. Minert and a team of researchers at BYU are currently involved in a project wherein they read and extract Americans' German vital records from historic local church vital records. These church records often pinpoint German origins in the "old country." Places and dates of birth, marriage, and previous residence in Germany are commonly found in these records. Dr. Minert estimates that 65-76 percent of historic local church records give an immigrant's exact place of birth. An everyname index compiled from the 13,117 entries (names) in 7,532 records from emigrants of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland is found in this volume.

Typical entries from the St. John's Evangelical Church in Louisville, Kentucky are as follows:

  • Margaretha Gerber b. Rechtenbach, Pfalz, Bayern; m. Jacob Breitenstein. Ref: pp. 1:380-381.
  • Heinrich Lindig b. Roklum, Halberstadt, Sachsen (province); m. Auguste Rockenkamp. Ref: pp. 1:380-381.
  • Auguste Rockenkamp b. Watzum, Braunschweig; m. Heinrich Lindig. Ref: pp. 1:380-381.
  • Hermann Heinrich Boehmer b. Gütersloh, Westfalen; m. Louise von Talge. Ref: pp. 1:380-381.
  • Louise von Talge b. Osnabrück, Hannover; m. Hermann Heinrich Boehmer. Ref: pp. 1:380-381.
  • Peter Frank b. Alsenbrück, Winnweiler, Pfalz, Bayern; m. Maria Munz. Ref: pp. 1:380-381.
  • Maria Munz b. Gschwend, Württemberg; m. Peter Frank. Ref: pp. 1:380- 381.
  • Friedrich Zeitz b. Oberotterbach, Pfalz, Bayern; m. Catharina Gender

This volume contains records extracted from St. John's Evangelical Church, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. This church's records continue in Volume 36.

Roger P. Minert

2021, cloth, 476 pp.

ISBN: 9781628593068