Exploring Norwegian Genealogy


This is a Norwegian genealogy research guide, written in English, by the writing team of Liv Birgit Christensen, and Margaret H. Strand – a Norway native, and a Scottish expat with over 40 years living in Norway. Both women are genealogists with wide experience. This volume allows an in-depth look at Norwegian genealogy.  Just a few of the many topics covered in the book are: How to begin doing Norwegian research, farm books, wikis, Norway facts, geography and history, maps, translation aids, naming traditions, vital records, censuses, the Digital Archives of Norway, Norwegian websites, city, and parish records.  Church Records are covered in depth. Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths & Burials, Confirmations, Moves, Confessions, Communicants, Introduction, Betrothals, Vaccinations Non-conformists, and much more all explained.


Liv Birgit Christensen, and Margaret H. Strand


2023, paper, 318 pp.

ISBN: 9781628593686