The Stories They Tell . . . from the Herdeg Collection


The Stories They Tell . . . from the Herdeg Collection.

John A. Herdeg and Judith C. Herdeg.

A visit to a historic home . . . and a walk through history as told by the art and objects inside. In these pages, longtime collectors John and Judith Herdeg introduce you to their salvaged eighteenth-century house and its grounds, and then take you on a tour of its rooms filled with favorite objects from their collection of American fine and decorative arts: colonial-era portraits, tall clocks, silver pap boats, embroidery, furnishings, and more. All these objects tell stories about people, which are laid out here for you to enjoy: Who was the person in the portrait? Who owned the clock? Who sat in the chairs? Who was the artist who created each piece? What were these people’s lives like? This is a place where art and history—and family history—merge in a unique American experience. 

2021, cloth, 296 pp.

ISBN: 9780880824088