Early Vermont Settlers to 1771: Volume 2, Northern Windsor County


This second volume of 180 sketches covers the rest of Windsor County, organized by town and presented in alphabetical order by head of household. These sketches provide a better understanding of the outward migration from southern New England along the northern route to the early westward settlements in New York, Ohio, Michigan, and beyond.

List of covered towns: Hartford, Hartland (formerly Hertford), Norwich, Pomfret, Sharon, and Woodstock.

Surnames included: Allen, Babcock, Baldwin, Ball, Barrett, Bennett, Benton, Billings, Bliss, Bosworth, Bragg, Bramble, Brink, Brown, Burton, Burtch, Bush, Call, Carpenter, Chedel, Cheney, Child, Clark, Closson, Crane, Crary, Curtis, Damon, Dana, Davis, Deming, Dewey, Dike, Durkee, Fenton, Gates, Gillett, Harding, Harrington, Harvey, Harwood, Hatch, Havens, Hazen, Hodges, Holbrook, Hopson, Howe, Hunter, Huntington, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Jaques, Johnson, Killam, Kingsbury, Knox, Layton, Lee, Lull, Little, Lyon, Marsh, Martin, Mason, Matthews, Messenger, Miner, Morse, Murdock, Newcomb, Paine, Parkhurst, Partridge, Pease, Pinneo, Powers, Richards, Richardson, Robinson, Rood, Russell, Rust, Sanderson, Sargent, Savage, Sessions, Shepard, Slafter, Slapp, Smalley, Smith, Spaulding, Spooner, Sprague, Squire, Strong, Symmes, Taylor, Thatcher, Tilden, Turner, Udall, Waldo, Waterman, Weston, Wheeler, Whitcomb, Willard, Williams, Wilson, Woodward, and Wright.

Scott Andrew Bartley

2020, cloth, 816 pp.

ISBN: 9780880824040