The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York (Volume 10: Paine to Rogers)


This volume is part of a series that profiles more than 1,300 families who settled in the Beekman Patent, a land grant given to Colonel Henry Beekman in 1697 by the English Crown and the second-largest patent in present-day Dutchess County, New York.

This important series documents the 18th century settlement of the Beekman Patent by Palatines, Dutch and the English from Long Island and New England. The Beekman Patent was a major entry point from New England to New York and the West. These families are traced from the emigrant, in most cases, through about 1810.

Families in this volume include:
Paine, Palen, Palmatier, Palmer, Parker, Parks, Parling, Patch, Pearsall, Peasley, Peck, Peckham, Pels, Pendell, Pennoyer, Penny, Perry, Peters, Pettit, Philips, Philleo, Pierce, Pine, Platt, Pleas, Porter, Post, Potter, Potts, Pratt, Pray, Prendergast, Preston, Price, Prindle, Prosser, Puffer, Quimby, Quinlan, Ragen, Ralph, Randell, Ray, Raynor, Reasoner, Reed, Renno, Reynolds, Rhineheart, Rhodes, Richards, Richmond, Ricketson, Roberts, Robinson, Rodman, Roe, Rogers

Frank J. Doherty

2010, 1211 pp.

ISBN: 9780982899113