Four Families of St. Mary’s County


This ground-breaking work traces 1,500 descendants of four families from St. Mary’s County, Maryland, 800 of whom are progeny of three Georgetown Memory Project slaves sold in 1838 but who remained in Maryland for more than 200 years. After another 150 years, many are still there, but most who migrated after 1900 remain in the greater Chesapeake Bay area. The book follows the families through Jesuit tobacco plantation slavery, to emancipation and Reconstruction, to Jim Crow suppression, to Civil Rights, to their place of pride in 2020. The narrative history puts the families into the context of the road traveled by African Americans since colonial times. Covering the Butler, Gough, Shubrooks, and Lee families, in addition to many other allied families.

David Watson Kruger

2022, cloth, 796 pp.

ISBN: 9780880824118