Dictionary of American Indian Place and Proper Names in New England


This dictionary is a key resource for scholars of New England Native American language, history, and culture, as well as genealogists. Experts at NEHGS have long relied on this book, first published in 1909, to help identify specific locations within New England and to interpret early deeds. Ideal for anyone with an interest in pre-1620 New England.

Features include:

  • Introduction to New England tribes
  • State-by-state listing of place names, including some now extinct
  • List of prominent 17th-century New England Native Americans
  • Enumeration of New England tribes
  • Lists of words from the Abenaki and Massachusetts (or Natick) languages

R. A. Douglas-Lithgow

(1909), 2012, paper, 456 pp.

ISBN: 9780880822886