Western Massachusetts Families in 1790, Volume 2


The next seventy-five sketches in the Western Massachusetts Families in 1790 Study Project.

The surnames covered by the sketches are:

Apthorp, Bailey, Barrit, Bartlett, Bowen, Brewer, Brown, Byram, Chamberlin, Chapel, Chappel, Childs, Clark, Dickinson, Dresser, Gilbert, Hamilton, Howland, Hulet, Ide, Jenks, Lilly, Marcy, Matthews, Merriman, Miller, Moody, Newcomb, Olds, Parks, Parish, Parsons, Phelps, Pixley, Pomeroy, Porter, Prior, Remington, Rich, Richardson, Roberts, Sage, Seeley, Sheldon, Slate, Smith, Stacy, Townsend, Warner, Way, Whitcomb, Wright

Helen Schatvet Ullmann


ISBN: 9780880823401