Pennsylvania Research: County and Township Records


Genealogists looking for information on Pennsylvania ancestors will find this publication an invaluable addition to their genealogical reference books. It will save time and money because it affords family historians the opportunity to plan their research strategies. It will improve the quality of research by leading you to record groups you might otherwise miss. You will be able to determine records that are available on microfilm for each county covered and you may discover new sources of information or record groups you did not know exist. You will also discover additional county-wide sources like income tax records available through the National Archives and 19th century land ownership maps available at the Library of Congress. If the county where your ancestors lived was set off from another county you will be able to determine when the transition took place enabling you to refocus your search for data to the parent county.

Townships in Pennsylvania’s counties are named with years of formation, when available. Parent townships are identified for most townships. If the township was formed while it was part of another county, that determination can be made as well. Records listed with townships may include tax records, the septennial census, the 1798 US Direct tax and warrantee maps.

John T. Humphrey

2006, 6x9, cloth, 324 pp.

ISBN: 9781887609210