Petitions for Land from the South Carolina Council Journals Volume VII: 1771-1774


The petitions for land found in the Council Journals are probably the best source for immigration and migration in the Colonial period. Many petitions indicate that the petitioners are foreign protestants who came on the encouragement given by South Carolina. Some petitions indicate migration to South Carolina from other provinces; some indicate slave holdings of low-country planters; still others give information on persons who died before their land titles could be perfected and the heirs are named. In the period covered in this volume, the first petitions for land in the newly established townships and other areas are to be found: Orangeburg, Amelia, Williamsburg, Purrysburg, the Welsh Tract, Saxa Gotha, Kingston, Fredericksburg, Queensboro, etc. All of the petitions are properly referenced so that the reader may obtain copies of the appropriate pages from the original journals if desired.

Brent H. Holcomb

Cloth, index, 420 pp.