Ancestors and Descendants of the Brothers Rev. Robert Rose and Rev. Charles Rose of Colonial Virginia and Wester Alves, Morayshire, Scotland


With information on their brothers Patrick, James, Hugh, George and Alexander

Rev. Robert Rose is certainly one of the best known of the Roses in the American colonies. He was only about 21 years old, and newly ordained, when he arrived in Virginia (about 1725) from the parish of Wester Alves, Morayshire, Scotland. In the next 25 years of his life, he built an estate in Virginia that was surpassed by few, developed a circle of friends among the finest and best known of the early Virginians, and built a reputation as a man of caring and judgment whose advice was often sought. His brother, Rev. Charles Rose, joined him in Virginia and became rector of Cople Parish, Westmoreland County. These two men left many descendants; Robert's line is carried through seven generations and Charles's line goes through six. A male-line genealogy (the focus is on the Rose surname), it provides a wealth of information on the family.

Christine Rose, CG

1985, 6x9, cloth, 336 pp.