Order of First Families of North Carolina: Registry of Ancestors, Volume 2

The Descendants of John (d. 1692) and Thomas Williams (d. 1693) of Isle of Wight County, Virginia


This volume treats the known descendants for five generations, male and female, of John Williams, died testate 1692, Isle of Wight, Virginia and his brother Thomas WIlliams, died 1693, Isle of Wight, Virginia. The second generation: John Williams, William Williams, and Samuel Herring (married Anne Williams). Some lines, where information was available, are taken down to the 9th generation. The question of Ann Wheatley's marriage to a John Williams is resolved in the appendix - she married a different John WIlliams, not the John Williams of the main work. Much new information taken from now-available chancery suits at the Library of Virginia has been included.

John A. Brayton

2020, paper, 522 pp.

ISBN: 9780806353999