Order of First Families of North Carolina: Registry of Ancestors, Volume 1


This volume, the first of this series, begins the genealogies of every eligible ancestor used by members to join the Order. Treatment of the ancestor depends upon what is known of him or her, but mostly includes a full first and second generation, down to the fourth, with drop-charts describing descent to member. Ancestors in vol. 1 are the following: John Alston, Sr., of Chowan Co., North Carolina; William Bennett of Northampton Co., North Carolina; John and James Drake of Bertie Co., North Carolina, and John Collins; Gov. William Drummond; Nathaniel Everett of Tyrrell Co., North Carolina; William Bridgers, John Cotton, Osborne and Simon Jeffreys, Capt. John Speir, and William Whitehead; Benjamin Laker of Perquimans Co., North Carolina; John Mann II; Thomas Mann II; Dr. Godfrey Spruill, Ann Walker, Henry Norman I and II; Thomas Vinson of Surry Co., Virginia, and Northampton Co., North Carolina.

John A. Brayton

2005, (2014), paper, xxix, 690 pp.