Crafting a Personal Family History: A Guide, plus a Case Study of the Hinds Family in New York's Adirondack Mountains


Crafting a Personal Family History establishes the basic principles necessary to successfully research and document a personal family history. In most cases, only a fragmentary record of an ancestor's life will have survived, and those traces will tend to cluster around only a few topics. So it is in the Hinds case study presented. Analysis of those traces is essential: so the analysis is made transparent in the text. Other approaches are briefly presented in an appendix.

Praise for Crafting a Personal Family History:

Harold Hinds, in this groundbreaking and valuable textbook, applies his unsurpassed scholarship and experience as an academic historian to the fledgling field of personal family history. Providing both theory and practical example, Hinds makes a significant contribution that seekers of ancestors will find not only helpful but enlightening. He has demonstrated vividly and convincingly that exploiting oft-neglected local and regional materials and analyzing them diligently in the light of the time and place of their creation, can reveal -- even when the forebears are unexceptional folk from Ireland -- an engaging, often surprising, sometimes shocking family saga well worth telling.
-- John Philip Colletta, Ph.D., author of Only a Few Bones

Harold E. Hinds, Jr. is Distinguished Research Professor of History at the University of Minnesota-Morris.

Harold E Hinds, Jr.

ISBN: 9780615469683