The Families of Northern Moore County [North Carolina], Volume II, Abstract of Miscellaneous and Rare Records


Moore County, North Carolina has long been a challenging place to do genealogical research, even more so if your family lived in northern Moore County. Due to the immense loss of records in the 1889 Moore County courthouse fire combined with northern Moore's large mix of Scotch-Irish, German, Swiss, English and other settlers who often kept to themselves and left very little evidence behind - genealogical and historical research on these families generally leaves researchers with no shortage of dead ends, brick walls and ancestors who disappear into genealogical black holes.

With this series, Morgan Jackson ( seeks to shine a light on these families and piece together the records that survived the fire and the test of time.

Utilizing over thirty years of personal research and a multitude of information from numerous sources, he abstracts rare and hard to find land grants, deeds, church records, school records, wills, estates, tax lists, pension records, family bibles, newspaper accounts and court records. This second volume abstracts thousands of these records in a timeline format dating from 1831-1929 including several hundred images and hard to find maps. A full name index includes over 11,000 individuals and over 900 place names.

*2020 History Book Award - North Carolina Society of Historians*
*2020 Award for Excellence in Publishing - North Carolina Genealogical Society*

Morgan Jackson

2019, cloth, 622 pp.

ISBN: 9780578601564