DeWitt County, Texas Inventory of County Archives

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                           DeWitt County, Texas Inventory of County Archives

                                                          WPA Records

The Works Projects Administration started in 1935 to relieve the pressures of the Great Depression and put local persons to work. In Texas, the project was to inventory each of the Courthouses in the State to give a listing of all of the materials that are preserved in that Courthouse. This volume inventories the files in DeWitt County.

Included are maps of past and present boundaries, the housing, care and accessibility of the records. The bulk of the information is grouped according to the various offices within the county and are grouped according to the different time periods of the State, from the Spanish files, the Republic time and finally into Statehood.

The information here present few if any names of individuals, but is a most valuable resource for the researcher who needs to know what information is available and how to access this information.

Reprint, 8.5"x11", index, perfect bound, originally published in 1940, 129pp