Index to Virginia Estates: 1800-1865, Vol. 06


Index to Virginia Estates: 1800-1865, Vol. 06

Index of all Virginia estate-related records found in will books and other collections, typically on microfilm. This multiple-volume set will be completed geographically. Funding for this series has been made possible in part by a grant from the Richard Slatten Endowment for Virginia History of The Community Foundation in memory of Richard Slatten, a former President of the Virginia Genealogical Society.

Volume 6 covers the counties of Augusta and Rockingham, and the City of Staunton. approx. 580 pp., cloth; (2005). $40.00

Pippenger, Wesley E, comp. 2005. Index to Virginia Estates: 1800–1865. Vol. 6. Richmond, VA: Virginia Genealogical Society.

ISBN: 1-888192-35-6