The Well Fought Day: A Novel of Maryland in the American Revolution; Volume Three of The Old Line Chronicles


The Well Fought Day: A Novel of Maryland in the American Revolution; Volume Three of The Old Line Chronicles - John C. Conradis. The Well Fought Day concludes a three-volume novel of Maryland in the Revolutionary War. It tells the story of Maryland men and women who sought to create a society that stood for all that was worthy in people. What they achieved was imperfect — but it gave to their succeeding generations the legacy of a nation that constantly seeks to be exceptional.

This volume continues the story of Marylanders through the experiences of John Pace Anders, from Frederick, Maryland, who, like his friends and neighbors, joined a citizen army at the beginning of hostilities, serving with the Continental Army as it desperately sought to survive in 1776. His continuing military service led to a variety of adventures, from skirmishes with Loyalist forces on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, to major battles with Washington’s Army, and staff assignments in the Eastern Shore town of Salisbury and the state capitol of Annapolis. Among the many people Pace meets are two who become central in his life. When not serving in the militia, Hyman Cohen is an important businessman who proves to be useful in furthering Pace’s ambition to become a political notable in Maryland’s new state government. Pace also meets and later begins a war-torn relationship with the independent-minded Eve Nicholson. His relationships with these two people become intertwined with the everyday and not-so-everyday lives they live and share with others as all deal with an uncertain future. Eve and Pace become unexpected parents leading to a series of events which causes Eve to flee with their daughter to Charleston, South Carolina. Learning of this, Pace travels to Charleston to be united with Eve and their daughter, all in time to experience the British siege of 1780. With his new family safe, Pace escapes from the city while helping an injured Francis Marion and is involved in new adventures—serving with Francis Marion’s partisans and once again with the Maryland Continental Line—before finally reuniting with Eve and his daughter and finding their way back to Maryland.

Meticulous attention to historical context and events, much of it little known to most readers, serves as the backdrop for a work of fiction which is both a profound historical novel and a compelling historical romance, one which will please readers who enjoy both genres.

2017, 5½x8½, paper, 384 pp.

ISBN: 9780788457708