The Stuyvesant Connection


Not your typical teenager, Mike Ryan did more than dream of making the world a better place; he researched the desalinization of water as a solution to the problem of hunger and the encroaching deserts that were threatening Africa and other parts of the world. His friends (Bernie, Lydia and Tran) shared his passion for science and all four were awarded a trip to Mammoth, Kentucky, for their exceptional high school science fair projects. Overcoming extreme poverty and an abusive father, Mike’s solid research had qualified him for this exciting opportunity. His dreams were temporarily shattered when his father refused to let him go. Mike had to summon all his courage to defy his father — he knew he had to set his own course if he was to succeed in life. A guided tour of Mammoth Cave was an exciting prospect for the four friends. They marveled at the other-worldly beauty of the underground terrain. Mike longed to explore the uncharted wild caves but they were off-limits, considered too dangerous for the general public. Mike respected this rule, but the danger of unknown passages was a powerful lure that some reckless souls could not resist. When a group of kids vanished in the restricted cave system, Mike had to decide: follow the rules or follow his conscience.

Tom Riley

(?), 2017, 5½x8½, paper, 96 pp.

ISBN: 9780788457531