The Book of the White Mountains


A history-laden guidebook to the White Mountains of New Hampshire that endeavors to be "reassuring to the resident and to the expert, informative to the stranger, and convincing to the skeptic." The magnificent WhiteMountains constitute a section of the country which is unrivalled in its variety of scenes of natural beauty, scarcely less so today than when this book was first published in 1930. The authors take the reader through the whole range of mountains in a well-organized spiral route. Their trek begins to the south at the lower end of Franconia Notch, then moves almost due north up the Notch, throughBethlehem, and into the North Country, including Dixville Notch, all the while rising steadily as it goes along to the apex of the whole range: the peak of Mount Washington. Numerous black-and-white photographs compliment the narrative and suggest the grandeur of wild peaks, valleys, notches, and lakes, and the contemplative serenity of cow-dotted pasture lands. In writing this informative guide, the authors relied upon their personal experiences and also made use of comprehensive research among other publications.


John Anderson and Stearns Morse


(1930), 2002, 5½x8½, paper, index, 300 pp.

ISBN: 9780788422171