Warning Out in New England, 1656-1817

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Warning Out in New England, 1656-1817 - Josiah Henry Benton. This right to exclude, or "warn out", was exercised frequently. Some towns only warned out persons they thought likely to become a charge, others automatically warned out any and all newcomers. Many who were warned out never left, with the result that "a large number of persons became actual inhabitants of towns, owned property, paid taxes, held town offices, without ever acquiring the rights of inhabitancy." Many also were warned out years after their arrival. This work provides an interesting, historical look at a little-known topic, mentioning some names as examples but it does not provide rosters of everyone who was warned out of New England towns. (1911), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 136 pp. 101-B0730 ISBN: 1556137303