Pierpont Genealogy and Connecting Lines, Particularly Rev. John Pierpont of Hollis Street Church, Boston, Massachusetts


The name Pierrepont was created when Charlemagne ordered a stone bridge to be built in place of a ferry. The stone bridge, or Pierre-ponte, became the namesake for the castle and the family who lived at this location. Sir Hugh de Pierreponte, Lord of Castle Pierrepont in Normandy in 980 A.D., is the first person on record with the Pierrepont name. Sir George Pierrepont, from England, is believed to be the American ancestor to the Pierrepont/Pierpont line. This work leads the reader through twenty-four generations of the Pierrepont/Pierpont family by tracing the paternal lines to the children of Rev. John Pierpont of Hollis Street Church in Boston. A brief biographical sketch of the Rev John Pierpont is provided. Other families related to the Pierpont family are also mentioned. These include: Hyde, Collins, Lord, Lynde, Willoughby, Digby, Brown, Willett, Hooker, Crosby, McGlenen, Morgan, Harcourt, Burns, Hamilton, Barnum, and Powell. This work contains the descent through Elizabeth Lynde from Alfred the Great and the descent from William the Conqueror through James Pierpont. A brief description of the Boardman Genealogy is given, as well as an appendix. The work comes with a new fullname index, pictures of family coats of arms, a chart showing the lines of descent of the Hyde and Collins lines, and portraits of several family members.

Mary Pierpont Barnum

(1928), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 66 pp.

ISBN: 9780788421631