Bombardier John Harris and the Rivers of the Revolution


For almost the entire duration of the American Revolution, Bombardier John Harris of Salem, New Jersey, served in the rebel artillery forces. His animated recollections, carefully preserved by his descendants, tell of his participation in six major battles, countless skirmishes, two river campaigns, and the recovery of Philadelphia. The young artilleryman served one of the two cannon bombarding the Chew Mansion, he suffered Valley Forge, he was with Sullivan on the Susquehanna, and with George Rogers Clark in the disastrous expedition down the Ohio. He enjoyed associations with many of the most prominent figures of the Revolution. His life after the war, on two islands of the Delaware River, is here too. All of this, and much more, comes to life in this latest chronicle of the War for Independence. This book includes seventy-six impressive images of battle scenes, of officers, and of Indians. Two appendices are attached: “The Truth about Molly Pitcher” and “Lafayette Returns.” Copious notes, filled with a wealth of valuable information, are provided. An index to full names, subjects and places augments the text.


William W. Betts, Jr.


(2006) 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 420 pp.

ISBN: 9780788433795