Real Patriots and Heroic Soldiers: Gen. Joel Leftwich and the Virginia Brigade in the War of 1812


This is the story of the Virginia Brigade's march for glory into Ohio; a journey filled with much promise at the outset and disappointment in the end. Under the leadership of General Joel Leftwich, the Virginia Brigade's soldiers persevered, and enabled General William Henry Harrison to push forward in the dead of winter; and, despite General Winchester's disastrous setback in mid-January, established Fort Meigs, which became the largest wooden palisaded fort ever built in the United States. Without the help of the Virginians in the Ohio wilderness, General Harrison's plan for victory may have been delayed, or even abandoned altogether. The Virginians returned home filled with the pride of accomplishment: that under the most extreme conditions, bordering on the abominable, most of them had come through, done their duty proudly-they had marched with General Leftwich to defeat their nation's enemies. They had come through perilous times, and, indeed, in their general's words, they had become "real patriots and heroic soldiers." Approximately one third of the book is devoted to a roster of the troops. This work is enhanced by: maps and illustrations, a chronology, a bibliography, and an index to full names, places and subjects.

Stuart L. Butler

2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 370 pp.

ISBN: 9780788447754